Jewelry Care


How do I care for my gorgeous new pieces?

Sterling silver will tarnish naturally over time and will tarnish more quickly when exposed to damp and humid air.  We recommend that you use a soft polishing cloth to regularly polish and clean your sterling silver jewelry--this will restore it to it's natural luster.  Storing your jewlery in a dry area protected from humidity will help keep it shiny and looking like new longer!  Never leave your jewlery in an area where it could come into contact with cleaning fluids or harsh chemicals (ie; next to your bathroom sink!)--this destroys the finish and will be impossible to polish to it's original shine. Please, do not ever wear your jewelry in a chlorinated pool, the results could be disastrous for your jewels!

Silver cleaning cloths are available through our website for minimal cost.  A tiny investment in a cloth and a bit of time to gently care for your jewelry will keep it in perfect condition!

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