About Me

You have a beautiful story that is your life. It grows and changes as the years pass. The pages of your story are filled with triumphs and sadness, wins and losses, complete joy and even sometimes utter despair. That is the big picture. The small picture is your everyday.

I make jewelry for your everyday. Your lucky earrings you have worn to your child's each and every soccer game. A necklace imprinted with your Grandma's name. The bracelet your husband commissioned with your anniversary date and the two more he ordered for the birth of your children. The necklace you gave your best friend when she moved away. The leather cuff you bought for yourself...just because.

I have a beautiful story too. My love of jewelry started when I was small--using scotch tape to adhere catalog "earrings" to my ears. I learned seed beading from a family friend and made Native American style earrings from porcupine quills, leather and beads. I sold them in a local tourist shop in gorgeous Stanley, Idaho. I was 11.

I studied Spanish in college, traveled and worked as a flight attendant. After a September 11th lay off from the airline I found my way through real estate and back to my creative roots and jewelry. I currently work just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

My life is busy and chaotic--just like yours. I have two children and a husband who is a pilot. Every morning is a battle to get out the door and to school on time, the laundry...oh the laundry. Fun bike riding, Uno games, movies, spending time together with friends and family, and trying to fit everything into 24 hours. That is my everyday.

I believe that beauty does not need to be complicated or intricate to be called beautiful. There is a joy found in simplicity and the everyday. I create jewelry that brings a smile to your face each day you reach for it, with barely a thought.

Simply Effortless Jewelry for your Beautiful Everyday. Let's find your piece!



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