The Lush Story

Julia Daniel's jewelry is designed to complement the women who wear it: graceful, at times even delicate in appearance, but forged by fire.  Versatile yet unmistakably unique.  Inspired and inspiring.  Beautiful yet grounded.  Daniel founded Lush Designs in 2004 to handcraft the kind of jewelry she wanted to wear: simple, wearable pieces with a signature touch.

During Lush's first few years, Daniel honed her craft by experimenting with precious metals, wire and gemstones, painstakingly harmonizing each element into singular, elegant creations.  Her debut collection soon evolved and expanded to incorporate hand-forged metals and leather, with each piece bearing its own unique qualities while expressing an overall appreciation for a natural, charmingly imperfect, beauty.

Most of the Lush line starts as paper thin sheets of sterling silver and spools of long shiny wire.  After spending time cutting, filing, hammering, soldering and finishing, they are transformed into subtly textured organic shapes.  Daniel's hammered, and textured line of sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings anchor Lush's collection of pieces that are versatile enough to be worn everyday.  Her "Sincerely Yours...lush" line features poetic, hand-stamped words (Love, Grace, Believe), names and dates, or whimsical stamped pictures that can be customized to create your own perfect and personal design.